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Earthquake & Tsunami in Ishikawa and surrounding areas

Please pray for the coastal areas of Central Japan along the Japan Sea, especially Ishikawa, Toyama, and Niigata prefectures. On New Years Day, a magnitude 7.6 earthquake hit the Noto Peninsula and triggered tsunami conditions all along the coast on that side of Japan.

Here are a few news links in English as of now, about 5 hours after the quake:

Multiple Christian disaster relief networks are coordinating to gather information about the damage and needs in the area. The situation is very dynamic and aftershocks continue, so churches and networks will decide on a course of action after things have stabilized. Also, we will wait for first responders to finish their rescue efforts and searches for survivors before beginning relief activities.

Reflect and Reconnect

REFLECT AND RECONNECT~ 10 Years This year as we approach the anniversary of the 3.11 Great Eastern Japan Disasters, and the response to that by the Christian community of the world, we would like to take some time to focus on and listen to the individuals who responded. We aren’t looking to go back and re-experience that time, but would like to look at where we are now, and how responding to the disasters has affected our lives. Our reunion this year, sponsored by the Heart Care Department, is designed to create a space for us to listen to each other answer these three questions.

The Questions:

  1. When and where did you work with CRASH? What was your role and what did you do?
  2. How has your life changed since then? Where are you now and what are you doing?
  3. How did responding to the 3.11 disasters affect your life? Looking back, what does it mean to you today?

Please watch your email for an invitation to join this reunion. Or be proactive and reply here. https://crashjapan.com/en/reunion/

Remembering and Recovering

The devastation from the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and the subsequent tsunami and nuclear disasters ten years ago took a deep toll on the communities up and down the northeastern coast of Japan.

While people in the affected areas have grieved their losses, repaired or rebuilt their homes and businesses, re-established communities, and are going on with their lives as best they can, the recovery from that disaster is still actually ongoing. In one area the big road that was supposed to provide an escape route if another tsunami came is still under construction. In another area there are still a few evacuees who are not settled in permanent housing.

This month organizations all over Japan are preparing events to memorialize the ten year mark. Coming just one month before that anniversary, this earthquake has shaken people emotionally.

Pastors are reporting the distress of people in their communities. Many who have worked hard over the last ten years to overcome their trauma have found themselves again dealing with anxiety, stress, and flashbacks. After picking up the pieces of our lives, and working to return to order in the community, this quake has reminded everyone of how very vulnerable we are. The things that we take for granted, the order of our lives, the buildings and structures that we depend on for safety and comfort, all can become uncertain when the ground shakes.

Please join us in praying for healing and peace for these communities and individuals, and wisdom and safety for the pastors and missionaries who minister there.

Earthquake off the Coast of Fukushima

Last Saturday evening at 11:07 p.m. a magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck northeastern Japan. The focus was off the coast of Fukushima prefecture at a depth of 55 kilometers. This earthquake did not trigger a tsunami, and there have been no deaths reported. However, over 150 injuries have been reported across six prefectures. Close to a million homes lost power for several hours, and some areas are still having trouble with their water supply. Buildings, roads, electric poles and Shinkansen bridges have been damaged and one section of highway was destroyed by a landslide triggered by the earthquake.

Seismologists are saying that this earthquake is actually an aftershock of the 2011 Great Eastern Japan Earthquake that spawned the tsunami and nuclear disasters that followed. It is the strongest quake in this area since April 2011, and some people who lived through the 2011 quake report that they felt that this one shook even more than that one did. Dishes broke, books and objects were tossed about, furniture that was not secured was toppled, and for many, the feeling of safety that was beginning to be re-established after the devastation from 10 years ago was shaken, too.

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昨日はクラッシュジャパンの理事会が行われ、2023年度の活動報告、決算報告等の承認がなされた。樋野理事が早速、個人のブログに感想を述べて下さった。第414回「楕円形の心」 樋野興夫(以下、著書からの承諾を得て転載)『救援・協力・支援・希望』 〜 『協調・協力こそが力なり』 〜  2024年7月4日 Crash Japan(クラッシュジャパン)理事会にZoom参加した。 『クラッシュは、Christian(クリスチャン),Relief(救援),Assistance(協力),Support(支援)、Hope(希望)の頭文字【CRASH】からなっています。』と紹介されている。  【クラッシュジャパンは、災害時に被災地域で求められる活動が迅速にできるように、災害発生前から教会や教会ネットワークなどの諸団体と協力して準備をし、災害発生時には被災地にある教会や教会ネットワークなどの諸団体と協力してクリスチャンボランティアを派遣しています。】 【2011年3月11日に発生した未曽有の東日本大震災の際には、被災地に5つのベースを設置し、2700名を越えるボランティアを動員しました。 世界中からのボランティアたちが、清掃作業、物資の配布、建物の復旧作業、被災者への傾聴、作物の栽培、クラフトやアート、コンサート、チラシの配布、モバイルカフェなどに携わりました。  私たちは、東日本大震災以後も日本各地で発生したさまざまな災害発生の際には、地域教会や教会ネットワークと協力してボランティア派遣、ボランティアセンターの運営、ボランティアケアなどの支援をしてきました。 他にも首都圏を中心に誕生している教会防災ネットワークへの協力や諸県の教会や教会ネットワークが開催する心のケアセミナーへの協力などをしています。】 とHPに記載されている。 今回『能登半島地震』が課題となった。  1933年3月3日に 三陸で地震の大災害があった。 新渡戸稲造(1862-1933)は 被災地 宮古市等沿岸部を 視察したとのことである。 その惨状を 目の当たりにした 新渡戸稲造は『Union is Power』(協調・協力こそが力なり)と 当時の青年に語ったと言われている。【クラッシュジャパン】にも繋がるであろう!  新渡戸稲造没80周年記念講演会(2022年)が、『東日本大震災復興支援宮古講演会』としてに岩手県宮古市で開催され、筆者は『新渡戸稲造博士とがん哲学』のタイトルで、講演を依頼されたことが、今回鮮明に思い出された。 その後、筆者は、新渡戸記念中野総合病院の定例の倫理委員会に出席した。 ... See MoreSee Less
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神奈川教会防災ネットワーク始動。 ... See MoreSee Less
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明日の「神奈川教会防災ネットワーク」発足記念会のなかで、代表理事の永井がメッセージを担当します。能登支援活動の活動報告、参加者の交流会も予定しています。 ... See MoreSee Less
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