About CRASH (Christian Relief, Assistance, Support, and Hope) Japan

We are a non-profit Christian disaster relief organization based in Tokyo that is officially recognized by the Japanese government.

Before disaster strikes we equip and prepare churches and missions to be ready to respond effectively.

When disasters happen we mobilize Christian volunteers to work with churches and other local ministries.

CRASH Japan Mission

Serving the local church to bring help and hope
through the body of Christ to those in need in Japan.
We are here to help.

We believe that the church is the most effective vehicle for providing relief physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Local groups of believers are already a part of their community and will still be there after disaster relief organizations have moved on. Therefore — when possible — our volunteers work alongside pastors and members of local churches.

We responded to the March 11, 2011 triple disaster by setting up five bases in the disaster zone and mobilizing volunteers. To date we have sent over 2,700 volunteers to the Tohoku area. Our volunteers have helped in a wide variety of ways including clean up, rebuilding, distributing supplies, listening to survivors, planting crops, doing arts and crafts, holding concerts, distributing flyers, and helping out at mobile cafés.

CRASH Japan is committed to partnership. We work closely with JEMA (Japan Evangelical Mission Association) and the JEA (Japan Evangelical Association). Our statement of faith is the same as the JEA’s.

CRASH Japan Values

The Local Church
God works through the local church.

We are here to serve. Our model servant is Jesus Christ.

Unity among the Body of Christ in working toward the same goal.

Commitment to sustainable relief and recovery work through the body of Christ


“I’m still amazed when I remember sitting in the CRASH Japan headquarters, working side-by-side with so many people of different ages, different denominations, and from different countries, all working together to bring God’s love to the people of Japan.”

Alan Oda, Professor, Psychology, Azusa Pacific University

“With its network of Japanese and international churches, pastors, and mission agencies, CRASH Japan is perfectly poised to provide immediate and ongoing relief to disaster victims through the body of Christ. I strongly recommend CRASH Japan to anyone looking to support and partner with an effective Christian disaster relief organization.”

Sherwood Patterson, Missions Pastor, Horizon Christian Fellowship

“In response to the March 11, 2011 Japan Great East Earthquake, CRASH Japan has been an unusual and inspiring response to the ensuing diaster. CRASH is a cooperative undertaking of both the Japanese Christian Community and the expatriate missionary community that sprung up almost immediately after March 11. CRASH Japan has become a demonstration, not of trained organisational expertise (on March 11, CRASH was simply a network) but of the power of Christ working in and through His people. God brought together a variety of gifted people, both Japanese and expatriate, who sacrifically dedicated their lives and talents to the relief work among the devastated people. They have labored long and hard to meet the physical needs of the survivors. They have prayed often and long. They have worked with the Japanese Church to bring the hope of the Gospel to people in depression and despair. And they continue to evaluate their work and how to best respond to the changing needs of the diaster area.”

Ray Leaf, former JEMA president

“CRASH moved quickly and decisively into the breach, demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ in tangible ways. The situation was so overwhelming, it was easy to give up and tell ourselves that we could not make a difference. But through CRASH, God taught us about the ‘Ministry of Presence.’ Sometimes, we learned, we are just supposed to be there to help, hug and encourage. We returned again a few months later and continue to support CRASH.”

Greg Thompson, Corporate Communications, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

CRASH Japan Board of Directors

Toshio Nagai (Director of the Board: J. Clay Mission Network )
Kenichi Yamao (Machida Bible Christ Church, Pastor)
Ken Taylor (Japan Baptist fellowship Director, Missionary)
Okio Hino (NPO Cancer Philosophy Clinic, Director of the Board)
Tomoaki Yamada (Higashiyamato Shalom Church, Pastor)
Tadanobu Uchiyama (Immanuel Kure Christian Church, Pastor)


Toshio Miura (Tsurukawadai Church, Pastor)
Katsumi Numasawa (Keihin Christ Church, Pastor)