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Christian relief work after Typhoon #19 (Hagibis)

CRASH was already working in Chiba in response to Typhoon #15 that hit the region in early September (sorry there was no post here about that – most of our communication has been on Facebook lately), but of course now there is much more work to do. Yesterday two CRASH leaders and leaders of several other groups met to discuss the best strategy going forward, and especially talked about the need for good roof repair work (not just tarps, but something more substantial). And of course there is plenty of need for cleaning out flooded houses, removing debris in neighborhoods, and many other activities. And funds will be needed to do these things. Please pray for all the victims as well as the volunteers, and please consider donating, or if you are in Japan, volunteering. More details will be known as time goes on – assessment of the needs and opportunities is just beginning.

See our Facebook page for photos and more frequent updates.

Unloading a van of supplies from Hiroshima

Meeting Oct. 16th of many Christian groups


Floods in Northern Kyushu

Please pray for northern Kyushu (Saga and Fukuoka prefectures), as torrential rains have caused widespread flooding. At one point, many areas were under a Level 5 (the maximum) warning for landslides, and 870,000 people were issued evacuation instructions. That level was lifted, but it might be issued again. As of this writing, three fatalities have been reported, but of course it’s too early to know the status of many areas, so there are probably many more.

Also, the rain is expected to continue and expand northeast, so additional flood warnings are also in effect for eight prefectures of southern and central Honshu.

As of this writing, here are three recent news pages in English:

Of course the situation is likely to change rapidly.

The Kyushu Christ Disaster Relief Center (九キ災, “Kyukisai”) is preparing to mobilize in response.

Juntendo Hospital where 184 people are stranded, surrounded by oil-slicked floodwater from nearby iron works.
Japan Self-Defense Force soldiers begin rescue operations.
Oil spills from flooded tanks at an iron works on August 28, 2019 in Omachi, Saga, Japan.

Two Disasters in 48 Hours

While relief efforts continue in Okayama and other places after the floods in July, this week in early September two other areas of Japan felt the pain.

Within 48 hours of each other, the strongest typhoon in 25 years ripped through the second-largest metropolitan area of Japan, and an earthquake in Japan’s northern-most region triggered landslides and left millions without power…
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From Facebook…

【お知らせ/Announcement】(日本語は下) CRASH Japan is happy to announce that after a break of three years, Helen Kwak has once again joined us. She will be heading up our Heart Care Department and restarting our Heart Care training programs. After working with CRASH during the 3.11 response in the Survivor Care department, Helen went on to help develop the DRCnet Chaplaincy training program, while earning her Masters in Human Services Counseling. She resigned from CRASH in the spring of 2017 in order to be with her son as he battled cancer in the states. After his passing she has returned to Japan, and worked to build a small counseling practice. Helen's passion is in developing relevant heart care training programs that will be valuable tools for pastors, lay persons, and disaster responders here in Japan. You will hear more about this in the future. Right now Helen is gathering a team of current and former staff, and planning an online global event for everyone who participated in CRASH's 3.11 disaster response. REFLECT and CONNECT (details coming soon) will be a space for us to reflect on where the last 10 years have led us, and reconnect with each other. Please mark your calendars for March 13 ~14 and look for details soon! クラッシュジャパンに心のケア部門の責任者として、心のケアトレーニングプログラムをリードするため郭ヘレンさんが3年ぶりに再び加わりました。 ヘレンさんは3.11のサバイバーケア部門でクラッシュに勤務した後、DRCnetチャプレンシーのトレーニングプログラムの開発に貢献し、同時にカウンセリングの修士号を取得しました。2017年春、癌と闘っていた息子さんとアメリカで一緒に過ごすためクラッシュを退職しました。 息子さんの死後、日本に戻り、カウンセリングの仕事をしています。 ヘレンさんには心のケアトレーニングプログラムを開発することへの熱意があり、それが日本の牧師、信徒、災害対応者のための貴重なツールとなることを願っています。 このプログラムについては今後情報発信していきます。 ヘレンさんは、現在のスタッフと元スタッフのチームを集め、2011年のクラッシュの3.11災害対応に参加した全ての人のためにグローバルなイベント「REFLECT and CONNECT」をオンラインで企画しています。 この「REFLECT and CONNECT」(詳細は近日発表)は、この10年を振り返り、お互いにつながりを取り戻す場となるでしょう。3月13日~14日の開催を予定しております。 ... See MoreSee Less

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