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Trip to Hita Base (Northern Kyushu)

CRASH Japan sent 2 volunteers to Kyushu DRC Hita base. Today they went to Asakura city, one of the most devastated areas in Fukuoka, due to the heavy rain 3 weeks ago. They helped clean up a house of a gentleman & his daughter. Their house had been totally covered in mud. One CRASH volunteer served as a chaplain. She visited a shelter nearby and listened to several survivors’ stories listening to their traumatic stories. An old lady told of when the flood came in her home she was so afraid and just trembling in a blanket. CRASH Japan continues to send psychological and spiritual caregivers to the survivors. Please help CRASH Japan with your prayers and financial support.

Preparedness Festival in Shinjuku

On April 30th, the Shinjuku Okubo Street (S.O.S.) Church Disaster Preparedness Network, with support from CRASH Japan, conducted a “Disaster Preparedness Festival”.
CRASH Japan staff member Helen Kwak also gave a seminar entitled “Heart Care for Disaster Victims and Relief Volunteers”.


One Year Anniversary of the Kumamoto Earthquake

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Kumamoto Earthquake. Today at Crash Japan’s staff meeting we held a time of prayer for the affected area and the future plans.
Crash Japan will continue to send volunteers, chaplains, and the work of emotional care, various efforts of relief work continue. Please pray, and help us.

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2月20日は下記写真の目黒カベナンント教会で「目黒教会防災ネットワーク」の定例会にクラッシュスタッフがアドバイザーとして参加。9月3日に予定されているネットワーク主催の防災イベントの内容について話し合いました。AED訓練会とワークショップの方向で動いています。そして、夜は「西東京教会防災ネットワーク」の定例会に参加。先日、クラッシュスタッフが西東京市社会福祉協議会に挨拶に行ったお陰で、顔つなぎができて、社協の防災イベントに教会ネットワークの参加、協力を求めて来ています。コミュニティとの関係も少しづつできてきています。 ... See MoreSee Less

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Active Listening Seminar in Sendai on Feb. 17.




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日本基督教団発行の「信徒の友」に「教会防災ネットワークの構築を」と題しクラッシュジャパンの防災担当、栗原が記事を書かせていただきました。「教会」と「防災」に関してのベーシックなことが書かれていますので、是非、各教会で一度、目を通していただけると幸いです。 ... See MoreSee Less

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