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Helping a nursing home

CRASH volunteer staff pastors have been working in both Hiroshima and Okayama Prefectures providing leadership and administration. Here is one example. On July 26th, a team of over 30 Japanese and Korean volunteers, led by a CRASH pastor, went into the heart of the mountains in Okayama Prefecture to help a special care nursing home. 98% of the residents need at least Level 2 nursing care, so it was a miracle that the staff on duty were able to quickly carry everyone to the second floor before the first floor was submerged. The volunteer team worked in the blazing sun to clean mud from the furniture and equipment. (Click on any photo to view it full size.)

More photos of this and many other activities can be found on CRASH’s Facebook page.

Kurashiki submerged

Pray for Western Japan after floods

There is widespread damage after torrential rains hit a huge swath of Western Japan for several days. Please pray for rescue for those still stranded, shelter for the hundreds of thousands who are displaced or evacuated, comfort for the families of over 90 who have died and over 50 who are still missing, and safety for the first responders. Also pray for the Lord’s wisdom for CRASH and other disaster relief organizations who are assessing the most strategic ways we can help.

Also, please visit the Financial Support page and consider donating to help with our relief efforts.

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From Facebook…

Volunteers are cleaning up the Akitsu Christian church.

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A video that shows what some of the volunteer work is like. It's not easy, but it's worthwhile. If you are in Japan, please consider volunteering - the largest Christian effort is currently in Kurashiki, Okayama, and more volunteers are needed. If you are farther away, please consider donating. crashjapan.com

Samaritan's Purse Canada
Samaritan's Purse is in Japan to help as they recover from the worst weather-related disaster in over 20 years... sampur.se/Japan
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祈っていただいている安芸津キリスト教会ですが、会堂の床下に土砂が入ってきたそうです。教会の方々は会堂の外側は被害を受けたが、中は大丈夫だろうと思っていたそうです。早く泥土を取り除いて、きれいにする必要があります。また修理も必要となります。どうぞお祈りください。7月30日、内山先生、小林先生、岩田先生、サマリタンズパースの栗山豊氏、他、数人の方々で、被災状況の視察に来てくださいました。丁寧に診てくださり、会堂の下にもいっぱいの泥が入っていて、撤去しておかなければカビが生えて悪臭がするそうです。会堂は無事だったと思っていましたので、ショックですが・・・今分かって早く対処できることは本当に感謝なことです。多くの費用が必要ですので、お祈りください。流れて教会の駐車場に運ばれていた大きなコンクリートを皆さんで戻してくださいました。 ... See MoreSee Less

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