CRASH Volunteer Worked in Joso with Salvation Army Japan Team

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Dear CRASH Prayer Partners and Supporters,

Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

Today, Thursday, Sep. 24th, Rev. Takahito Iwagami, a chaplain of CRASH Japan, joined a Salvation Army volunteer team to serve the survivors and care workers in Joso city. Joso is one of the most affected areas by the flood (Kinugawa River) two weeks ago.

Rev. Iwagami was working as a chaplain and serving hot lunches (beef/rice bowls and special soup) with SA volunteers at Joso’s public gymnasium. This place was one of the biggest shelters in Joso city, and has now become a distribution center. Many survivors come to the gymnasium in order to get daily supplies.

The team served 355 meals and 100 cups of special coffee to the survivors and volunteer staff at lunch time. Survivors were so thankful for hot meals because they usually have cold rice balls and emergency food. It was also a great opportunity to provide emotional and spiritual care to them. Volunteers at the distribution center were also thankful to have a good break because they have been getting tired from hard work for two weeks after the typhoon.

Here is Rev. Iwagami’s report:

“It was my first experience to work at a canteen truck. I was so blessed to work with a Salvation Army team. Survivors looked tired, but when they received donburi and hot soup they smiled and said to us, “Thank you for lunch.” As we served lunch, we listened to the survivors’ stories of how they evacuated and how they felt. We provided not only hot meals but also emotional and spiritual care to them. I was also very happy for the opportunity for CRASH Japan to work with Salvation Army.”

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Date: January 16th, 2014 (Thu), 4:00 p.m. ~ 6:00 p.m.

Place: Ochanomizu Christian Center, Room 416

Topic: “Spiritual Care ~ Self Care 
Listening: Creating A Safe Space for Chaplains and Pastors to Speak Their Hearts”

Facilitator: Helen Kwak, CRASH Japan Care Coordinator

 Those who were involved in the disaster responders program, or who 
are still active in it, or are interested in such activities are all welcomed.
  It is a café type meeting and 
 refreshments will be provided. 
Registration is not required, but your advanced registration by e-mail
would be much appreciated.

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