Items needed for typhoon survivors in Iwaizumi

From Kita Sanriku Kirisuto Kyoukai (church in Iwaizumi, Iwate)
For Typhoon #10 Lionrock Relief Work.

We’re collecting the items listed below (new or used goods in good condition) to distribute to typhoon surviviors in Iwaizumi.

1. Rice cookers
2. Curtains (long)
3. Stoves (gas)
4. Heaters (kerosene)
5. Blankets
6. Futons

If you wish to contribute, please ship the items to this address:

Pastor Birkner
Kita Sanriku Kirisuto Kyoukai
Aza Muraki 76, Iwaizumi Cho, Shimohei Gun, Iwate Ken 027-0501

If you need to call, the number is 080-6388-3880.

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