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"Bamboo Park" Designed by Yoshihi Futana Blesses Children In Fukushima
Luke 18:16 But Jesus called them to him, saying, "Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God."

Art that is participatory, fun, practical, beautiful, sturdy, and made from natural materials is hard to find. How about art built by volunteers using radiation-free bamboo for survivors of a major nuclear disaster? The Bamboo Park at Hakusai Nozomi Preschool in Iwaki is all of those things.

Using dozens of bamboo poles donated by a Rotary club in Osaka, volunteers led by outdoor school specialist Yoshihi Futana have built an amazing play area. After discussion with the children of Nozomi preschool, Futana designed the bamboo structure to fit the needs of the children. Eight-meter-long bamboo poles were used to form a tall pyramid that is connected via a walkway to a large cherry tree. The branches of the tree support a viewing platform and there are swings attached to the bottom of the walkway. Unlike steel, the natural bamboo feels soft and warm to the touch. The irregular surface of the bamboo combined with many protrusions around the structure make climbing both fun and easy. Yoshinobu Akashi, Pastor of Joban Church and headmaster of this preschool, says:

"There's something I realized as we were building this: the people involved were slowly being rejuvenated by the experience. Smiles and conversation were growing and everyone was excited to see the children play on this. And we were blown away by the energy of the children. They climbed all over the structure and showed no signs of fear or reservation. We were given this opportunity to work together to create this gift for the children. We believe in the vitality of the children, and have a peace about continuing to live in this area."

What a privilege to have had a small part in showing the love of God to children in Iwaki by sending CRASH volunteers to help build this "Bamboo Park". Jesus cared for children. How can we measure the impact that this structure will have on the children who play on it for many years to come? Please pray for the children of Fukushima! Please support CRASH so we can continue mobilizing volunteers and supporting local churches in Tohoku.

Prayer Points (2012 December 3)

Iwaki Office

  • For the survivors to be healed and for the Iwaki office staff to know how they could be of help for that purpose.
  • For the various Christmas events in the Iwaki area temporary housing to bring the truth of Christmas and for the local churches to be able to help in that.
  • For the end of year events to fellowship with survivors will not be superficial, but an opportunity to bring the gospel.
  • For Iwaki office to be able to support local churches in sound engineering.
Prayer Points (2012 November 24)

Sendai Office Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for the Christmas Events that are taking place in December at various temporary housing communities.
    • 12/1 Christmas Party at Ouchi Farm, where they have been working on agricultural relief.
    • 12/7 Christmas Party at Souma (where presents will be distributed)
    • 12/7 Chu Kosaka Christmas Concert at Takasa and Sendai port area
    • 12/12 Touna Christmas Party
    • 12/14 Souma Christmas Party (where presents will be distributed)
    • 12/15 Mitazono Children's Christmas party
    • 12/16 Mitazono Children's Christmas party
    • 12/19 Mitazono Children's Christmas party
    • 12/22 Nobiru Christmas Party
  • We are also collecting Christmas gift donations. Please pray that we will reach our goal of 500 (or more!).

Partner churches in Sendai

Seaside Bible Chapel

  • Please pray that the mobile café ministry will continue to be blessed.

Ishinomaki Christ Church

  • Please pray that the Ishinomaki and Onagawa region survivor care programs and child programs will be blessed.

Rifu Christ Church (Oasis Life Care)

  • Please pray for Shizugawa leather craft ministry.

Higashi Sendai Church

  • Please pray for the mobile café and children's learning programs in Nobiru and Touna.

Nishitaga Church

  • Please pray for the continued relief efforts at the Ouchi Farm, and that many volunteers will be led there. Also for the Ohana Kids Program at Mitazono Temporary housing 2 and 3.

Souma Christ Church

  • Please pray that the ministries at the temporary housing will be blessed through volunteers.

Keisen Christ Church

  • They are involved in ministry at 8 different temporary housing communities and hope to start a church in Yamamoto-cho. Please pray for this vision.

Koriyama Office Prayer requests

  • For the volunteer and support needs to be fulfilled.
  • For the safety of the children and that they will be filled with hope for their future.
  • For the parents to feel peace and have the wisdom to know what to do.
  • For the pastors and ministry leaders to be refreshed and also healed.
  • For there to be no after affects of nuclear radiation in the future in the health of the children.
  • For the pastors in Fukushima to rise above denominational differences and work together for the future of Fukushima.
Local Pastors in Japan Appeal for Help

Watch the embedded video to hear directly from local pastors in Fukushima prefecture about current needs and how you can be involved.

Proverbs 11:25 says "A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed". In the twenty months following the disaster, CRASH Japan has been in the privileged position of directing physical, emotional and spiritual "refreshment" to survivors. As needs are becoming more specific throughout Tohoku, CRASH recently put out a call for videos in which pastors were asked to explain their current needs. The result was an intimate and insightful glimpse into the ministries that regularly, directly impact the lives of survivors. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to find out more about specific opportunities to send the love of Christ to the survivors in Japan.

500 Christmas Gifts For Survivors in Japan

Twenty months after disaster hit Japan, thousands of Japanese are living in temporary housing units and feeling forgotten. A local church wants to reach out and bless 500 people with a small gift this Christmas. We invite you to participate! With your help we will distribute 500 Christmas gifts to survivors living in temporary housing units in Soma, a city just north of the stricken nuclear power plant. These survivors are connected with Soma Christ Gospel Church. Please send a gift worth $5-10 that any age can enjoy. The gift must be brand new and nicely wrapped. We will distribute a Christmas tract that tells about the love of God and the meaning of Christmas along with your gift. We made an Amazon Wish List on Amazon Japan. Anyone from around the world can look at the list to see what kind of gifts to send. We are also accepting Christmas gifts through regular shipping.

Where to send: CRASH Japan Sendai office, 2-12-48 Shinden, Miyagino ward, Sendai, Miyagi Pref., Japan 983-0038
TEL: 022-762-7830

Thank you!!

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