October 3, 2011: Volunteers Bring Hope for Recovery
Volunteer Team

On a recent trip to Tohoku, a team of volunteers from CRASH Japan visited the New Life Church in Kamaishi city, Iwate prefecture. The once-damaged church is now functioning as a distribution center. The pastor had poured all of his energy into relief efforts, such that he hasn't had the time to confront the damage the tsunami made on his own house. The volunteers wiped down all of the mud and mold that had stained the surfaces of the pastor's home, bringing them one step closer towards recovery.

After returning to Tokyo, Dr. Gary Fujino – a full-time missionary and one of the volunteers – observed that the simple presence of volunteers brings hope to the survivors of the March 11th disasters. Dr. Fujino believes that the Japanese are not used to receiving help from those outside of Japan, but that it makes a significant impact on them when people come and contribute.

As Japan continues to move towards recovery, the role of volunteers will be significant. CRASH Japan is determined to send hope through the hands and hearts of our volunteers.

To join us as Gary and his team did, volunteer today.

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