CRASH Japan - Christian Disaster Relief: Programs
CRASH Programs

CRASH Japan supports a series of programs designed to bring hope and healing to the survivors in Tohoku. These programs are run by our many partners in Japan, and these partners have been a key element of CRASH's effectiveness in showing Christ's love to Japan.

Arts and Sports Fund

Gospel Hula Workshops

An outlet for women and children to relieve stress and anxiety.

Love Miyagi - HGF Choir

Spiritual care for Hallelujah Gospel Family members.

Michtam Music Care

Michtam Music Ministry concerts bring hope and joy to the survivors.

Child Trauma Fund

Fukushima Children's Recuperation

Programs for the children in Fukushima.

Fukushima Family Camp

The Fukushima Family Camp includes a five day Operation SAFE program.

Onagawa & Ishinomaki Children's Ministry

Care for the children's spiritual and emotional needs.

Community Fund

Aozora Kai

A support group program for survivors.

Crafts, Coffee, and Chat Program

CCC is a small-group, interactive activity at the temporary housing units.

EM - Iwanuma Area

Using effective microorganisms to combat waste in Iwanuma.

Iwaki Regional Ministries

Helping survivors and pastors in the Iwaki area.

Mobile Café

Mobile Cafés are a relationship building opportunity.

Oasis Life Care

Brings together the people of Shizugawa through the art of leathercrafting.

Seaside Chapel

Providing a place for church members to gather.

Tono Base Partnership Support

One of CRASH Japan's key bases for ministry to Otsuchi and Kamaishi.

Evacuee Fund

Vegetable Distribution Project - Shinshuu

Distributing clean vegetables to residents in Fukushima.

Media Fund

Audio Bible Japan

Getting the audible Word of God to all areas of Tohoku.

Family Forum Japan Radio Broadcasts

Daily radio programs on the Tohoku Broadcasting Co.

Raising awareness for the ongoing needs of Fukushima.

Pastors Fund

Disaster Response Chaplaincy

Training chaplains to respond to disaster effectively.

Guest Pastor Program

Inviting pastors to Tohoku to help lift other pastors' burdens.

Pastor Care

Encouragement, equipping, evangelism, and empowerment for pastors.

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