Prayer Points (2012 May 11)
Tono Base:
  • Recovery Support Groups - Tono Base is considering how to start support groups similar to the program that the Ichinoseki base has implemented. Pray for wisdom and God's leading.

  • Miura Ayako's Books and Visitation Program – Survivors who asked for a book written by Miura Ayako have received their books and people are reading them. Tono base staff is revisiting people to discuss what they have been reading and offer them more books. This has great potential for spiritual and emotional care, so please pray for the follow up visits taking place.

Ichinoseki Base:
  • We want to start finding ways to reach the men.

  • Pastor Minegishi and his wife are not feeling well.

  • Many survivors are really starting to have a hard time and asking "what now? what next?".

  • A man from Jonan Junior High School temporary housing area has lung cancer and does not have long left to live; Gerd Strauss (volunteer base staff) visited with his family today.

  • Our friend K-san is coming again for Bible study. A friend of his recently committed suicide so he is struggling deeply while seeking help and hope.

Sendai Base:
  • Volunteer Center Lodging - From May, lodging at the Hope Miyagi and Yamamoto Town volunteer centers will begin. Please pray for good relationships to be formed.

  • May God guide and lead Hitachi base as we prepare for the new phase when we will be an independent base and for the new office CRASH Japan is setting up in the city of Iwaki.

  • May God give guidance to the staff of Hitachi base as they seek His guidance about their futures.

  • May God give His rest and peace to the pastors in Iwaki.

  • May God bless our physical and spiritual health.

  • May God work even in the negative circumstances of people in Iwaki (Fukushima Prefecture).

Nasu Base:
  • Please pray for the the unity of the team and the protection of the physical, emotional and spiritual health of the staff as the base continues its normal activities, while preparing to close and to move to Fukushima.

  • Please pray as several potential sites are evaluated by Nasu base staff for the new Fukushima field office. One possible site near Koriyama station was viewed and seems like it could work as a site, so please pray for the owner's agreement as he wants to rent to a family.

  • Please pray for God to reveal to each staff person His will for our future as the work of the base moves to the Fukushima field office.

  • Pray for the preparations for the Warehouse's closing.

Nasu Warehouse:
  • Pray that God will bless the plans for the Warehouse closing and that it would be a good opportunity to give glory to God for all he has done through the warehouse.

  • For God's direction and blessing as we empower our volunteers and base staff to touch the lives of survivors up north.

  • That God will provide one million dollars of financial support by March of 2013; that God would bless in ways that allow us to leave a lasting positive impact on the great nation of Japan.

  • For our response to the recent tornado damage in Ibaraki prefecture, that local churches will be have a big impact on their communities and that God will provide us with the resources we need to support them.

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