CRASH Japan - Christian Disaster Relief: Prayer Guide
Prayer Points (2012 January 14)
Tono Base:
  • Tono Base Staff - After a very necessary and long awaited Christmas/New Year's break, the full staff is now back and ready to hit the ground running tomorrow. We praise the Lord for each staff member and how we have worked so well together for the past many months. Please pray for continued unity and vision as we press forward in our various Kokoro no Kea outreaches.
  • Kiyomi Yamazaki - Arrived safely today as a long term volunteer. Kiyomi was invited to join the Tono Base Staff as a long term volunteer after her 6th volunteer trip through CRASH and will be with us here in Tono to help with Survivor Care until the end of February. Please pray for Kiyomi’s transition into life at the Tono Base and for her to also make a smooth transition into daily field work.
  • Area Church Relationships - Unlike the other CRASH bases in Miyagi and Fukushma, Tono has few opportunities to cooperate in significant ways with local churches. The fact is there are very few churches in Iwate and virtually none in the effected area to even consider cooperating with. However, at last we have begun seeing small steps forward in cooperation with the following churches: Tono Church, Miyako Community Church, Mizusawa Baptist Church, Morioka Uchimaru Church, Kamaishi New Life Church.

Ichinoseki Base:
  • For safe driving, since we are getting daily snow cover on the road now.
  • For longer term volunteers so that when we do cafe's, we can follow up on the people that we met.
  • For a new Planning person to be provided.
  • Wisdom and clear mind for new base leader Paul.
  • Effective work with city.

Nasu Base:
  • Hope Café in Aizu - for safe travels and a blessed time.
  • Please pray for the Fukushima Network Prayer Meeting (1/13). May we listen not only to reports, but hearts to see how we as CRASH and Nasu Base can encourage and come alongside the pastors and churches of Fukushima.
  • New long-term base volunteer - Adam
  • Please pray for our January 2012 schedule that: survivors will be cared for; the local church/pastors will be strengthened; volunteers encouraged to mobilize their own congregations; and above all else that God will be glorified in all that we do.

Nasu Warehouse:
  • Safety driving on snow.
  • How to release supplies.
  • Making stronger connection with bases & HQ.
  • Planning for closing.
  • Safety of the warehouse employees.
Prayer Points (2011 December 22)
  • Thank you so much for your prayers for volunteer mobilization. All bases are at full capacity until January 10th. So new volunteers will be accepted from January 11, 2012.

Tono Base:
  • Have distributed 1200 of the 1500 Uniqlo blankets supplied to Tono Base. As there are only 300 left, we will need more delivered by 1/9 when the base opens after the New Year's break.
  • Plan to send out visitation teams on follow up visits to contacts from mid-January. Pray for good follow up.

Ichinoseki Base:
  • There is a lack of volunteers, especially long term, to follow up and run cafes. Pray that God will provide enough volunteers.
  • Pray for wisdom from God for good plans and ideas to celebrate the New Year.

Sendai Base:
  • 12/28 — Pray for God's blessing on Mr. Yanase's Concert in Tono.
  • 12/29 — For agricultural renewal work and for a plan to distribute hot water bottles in Soma.
  • Operation SAFE will do this ministry on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of January and February. Pray for the children's ministry in Onagawa.

Hitachi Base:
  • Iwaki CERS churches are going to partnering and distribute 1000 calendars to 1000 temporary housing households in Iwaki on the 24th. Hitachi base is seeking to provide manpower and small Christmas gifts to give away together with the calendars; 3 welfare baking factories in Mito might be able to partner and make 1000 bags with \100 worth of cookies each. Please pray.
  • Please pray for wisdom to plan for the next phases (through March, 2013).
  • Yumoto church is planning to visit temporary housing in Yumoto one more time by the end of the year. Pray for God's guidance on this.
  • Planning an Aroma Soap and Hand Massage Seminar at Uchigo church on Sunday, Jan. 15th. Will attend the service in the morning and do the seminar in the afternoon. Pray for God's blessing on this training.

Nasu Base:
  • We'll need to reevaluate the safest way to be prepared for the harsher winter months to come. Pray for God's protection for winter driving.
Prayer Points (2011 October 1-8)
  • For unity as we make the transition to the Recovery Phase.
  • For wisdom as there have been so many changes made in last few weeks.

Hitachi Base:
  • That the Hitachi base staff can cooperate well over the coming 6 months.

Tono Base:
  • For the transition of the Mobile Café from an outdoor to an indoor approach over the next few weeks and for the blanket/rice distribution we also have planned. This transition will require receiving permission to use the meeting rooms at the temporary housing and rethinking our survivor care approach in keeping with the restrictions when using government facilities.
  • For the Lord’s leading in bringing our next Operations Chief to Tono soon.
Prayer Points (2011 September 16-23)
Hitachi Base:
  • That the pastors will stay healthy and for continued cooperation. That we will find a nice place for a sub-base.
  • The university started yesterday. That the work of each member at Hitachi Base will be blessed.

Ichinoseki Base:
  • That we will be able to make the move to the new base with no problems.
  • That God would provide enough volunteers and drivers for next week's EM.
  • That we will be able to build good relationships with people in the temporary housing.
  • That the mobile café will be a blessing to the people.
  • That those who have experienced damage as a result of the typhoon would be consoled and encouraged.

Sendai Base:
  • That churches and Christians by practicing love can show the eternal hope to the disaster victims by every means.
  • That the future of the base (leaders, location, staff housing and projects) will be revealed by the Lord.
  • That we can continue serving with faith where each member of the team can receive the Lord's love clearly and respond to it.
  • For those who have experienced damage as a result of the typhoon. For a place and facility.

Nasu Base:
  • That the churches in Nasu area are led to pray, that their thoughts and actions will support survivor care, and that CRASH Japan can assist them in this.
  • That the Lord's Glory will be shown in Fukushima prefecture and that the Lord's Name will be praised. May the Lord’s Kingdom come and the Lord's Will be done.
  • That the Lord's mercy and comfort will be upon many disaster victims in Fukushima prefecture and that many people will be led to salvation in Jesus.

Tono Base:
  • For the IMMEDIATE staffing needs for the Tono base.
  • Pray for the base management team (Jim, Eileen and Ayako) as we work through our Base Camp SOP (Strategic Operational Plan) which lays out what we see as the course we need to go for next six months of the Tono Base (Oct. 2011~Mar. 2012).
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