CRASH Japan - Christian Disaster Relief: Prayer Guide
Prayer Points (2012 February 13)
Nasu Base:
  • March - please pray for the Future of Nasu Base and Staff. We want to obey and follow where God is leading us.
  • Fukushima Network Meeting- please pray that CRASH be able to effectively support local churches.
  • Please pray for this weekend's Children's Temporary Excursion (a retreat for children to get away from stress and possible health effects of radiation). May kids have fun and experience the love of God through the volunteers/church members.
Prayer Points (2012 January 31)
Tono Base:
  • Though we have been coming to the temporary housing in Kamaishi for over 5 months now, with the opening of the new meeting room we were told today by Haga-san that as the Caritas Relief group has tied up reservations for Tuesday and Saturday each week for the next few months, we no longer will be able to use the meeting room on our regularly scheduled Saturdays. Please pray that we might be able to make alternate plans to continue with our outreach to this temporary housing site in order to keep building upon the relationships already established.
  • Miura Ayako's Books and the Tono Visitation Program – We will be including with our next round of blanket disribution a Miura Ayako tract and small booklet, with an insert for anyone desiring to read one of her novels to call or contact us through the Tono Base email address. Our desire is to get Miura Ayako books in the hands of many through delivering them in person on a follow-up visit and then continue the follow-up process afterwards with those who would desire it. Pray for the Lord's leading throughout this next phase of Survivor Care through the Tono Base, and that many would be responsive and ask for one of Miura Ayako's books to be delivered.
  • Tono Base Camp Health – As the flu is now going around, please be in prayer for the health of the base camp staff and volunteers. Today, Miyu Ishihara was hit hard by the flu and Juan Navarro has also been sick.

Ichinoseki Base:
  • Gospel sharing ideas for "9 patch quilt" craft to be done in the future.
  • Pray that people will still come out of their temporary houses and to the café even though it's cold.

Sendai Base:
  • We lack volunteers for February. Please pray that we will have enough volunteers.
  • Seaside Chapel Ministry - That many people would visit Seaside Café (Wed, Thu, Fri).
  • That the Mobile Café in Takasago would be blessed.

Nasu Base:
  • February Pastor Care - please pray as we meet with pastors and their families to thank them for their partnership and listen to their needs.
Prayer Points (2012 January 25)
Tono Base:
  • New Volunteer - Mana Yamagishi arrived tonight with the hopes to stay for a month. As is always the case, we will put her through an initial first week then evaluate if it appears as though she is suited for a longer term here at the Tono Base. Please pray for Mana’s transition to base camp life.

Ichinoseki Base:
  • There are survivors who want to communicate in English. Please pray for a way to facilitate this wish.
  • For a more concrete plan on Pilot program on KC2.
  • Pray for Mr. Takahashi, who lives in temporary housing in Kesennuma. He is very soft, and ready for Jesus to enter his heart.

Sendai Base:
  • We lack volunteers for February. Please pray that we will have enough volunteers.

Hitachi Base:
  • May God bless the work (a café at Watanabe-cho) of Yumoto church and Izumi Church.
  • May God lead the work of CERS Net.
  • May God place His rest and peace on pastors in Iwaki.
  • Planning and Operations will meet with our partnering pastors in February to listen once again to their needs and how CRASH can help them. Please pray for good times of mutual encouragement and blessing on our future partnership. Please pray for continued protection over pastors in Fukushima and their families.
Prayer Points (2012 January 23)
Hitachi Base:
  • 1/28 - Yumoto church is planning to start a mobile café at temporary housing in Watanabe-cho Hiruno. They plan to do it monthly from 1/28.

Nasu Base:
  • Pastor and musician Chu Kosaka will perform at a concert on Jan. 26th. Pray that participants would be encouraged through the concert.
  • There will be a Base Staff Retreat from Jan. 27th to 28th. Pray for spiritual renewal for Nasu staff and vision for the future ministry.
  • Pray for blessings on the Fukushima Network prayer meeting at Horai church at 1:30 pm on Feb.10th.
  • The Children's Temporary Excursion will take place on Feb. 11th. Pray that the children can enjoy themselves in the safe environment.
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