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Frequently Asked Questions About Finances

How are donations used?

Our fund-raising appeals clearly identify the purpose and programs to which donations will be applied, and we ensure that donations are used for the purposes for which they were raised. Our Board has directed that all contributions designated for specific programs shall be applied to those programs, and we may assess up to 15 percent to be used for administering the gift. Occasionally, we receive more contributions for a given project than can be wisely applied to that project. When that happens, we use these funds to meet a similar pressing need. Our policy is to meet the needs God lays before us, so that Christ is lifted up and the Gospel advanced.

Historically, how has CRASH used donations?

CRASH has helped with relief efforts following earthquakes, mudslides, and flooding in various parts of Japan. Teams were also mobilized to help in relief and reconstruction following the 2008 Great Sichuan Earthquake in China and the Haiti earthquake in 2010. In response to the Tohoku 3.11 triple disaster CRASH took in 4.3 million dollars in donations and delivered over 7.7 million dollars worth of direct aid, relief supplies and community development to communities in Tohoku, mobilizing over 40,000 volunteer work days.

What is the proportion of spending on actual relief supplies to administrative costs?

Base Operation 69.2%
Administration 12.6%
Partner Program 15.4%
Marketing / Donor Relations 2.8%
(Reporting Period: Dec. 2011 - Feb. 2012)

What systems are in place inside CRASH to verify how the funds are used?

CRASH is diligent in keeping accurate records. Controls are in place to ensure proper authorization of expenditures. Full reports of profit/loss and spending will be provided upon request.

How do donors know how and where their donations are being used?

CRASH believes in the core values of transparency, accountability, and integrity. Periodic full financial reports will be provided upon request. As a volunteer-based non-profit organization, CRASH is willing for any interested party to inquire or to visit the command center and observe the work as it is taking place.

Can I donate from Canada and get a tax-deductible receipt?

We currently don't have tax-deductible receipting status in Canada. We are encouraging Canadian donors who desire tax receipts to give through one of several mission organizations/denominations which are forwarding some or all such donations to CRASH (with the rest also going to valuable relief efforts in Japan) – for example, OMF Canada, SEND International Canada, C&MA Canada, among others.

Can I donate from the USA and get a tax-deductible receipt?

Please send cash and check donations no longer to Horizon Central as of May 1st, but to GLINTS (w/ CRASH Japan in memo section) at P.O. Box 962, Wheaton, IL 60187. Donors will receive tax-deductible receipt & thank-you letter from GLINTS.

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