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Volunteers Needed at Izu Oshima Island

On Oct. 16th (Wed) Typhoon Wipha hit Izu Oshima and caused a massive landslide. The landslide struck the Motomochi area and killed 35 people with another 4 still missing.

(Nov. 11th) CRASH Japan has sent an assessment team to Izu Oshima from November 5th to 6th to collect information on the landslides damage and the situation of the survivors. We have decided to send volunteer teams from the middle of November for 3 weeks. Anybody who desires to volunteer please register at CRASH Japan homepage. Each crew is limited to 9 people.

Stollen for Tohoku

stollenStollen is a German pastry made with nuts and dried fruits.You can slice it up and enjoy during Advent.

CRASH Japan would like to bring stollen to surviver’s Christmas parties and concerts at temporary housing in Tohoku.

“Tenkei Budou no Ki” in Aomori is going to provide them at the special price of 2000 yen!

Christians Respond to Tornados and Extreme Weather in Japan

Koshigaya-Tornado-9-5-2013-1Over the last week, Japan has been hit by extreme weather in the form of both tornados and tropical storms. Much of the country is still under weather emergency advisories. On Monday, September 2nd tornados tore through the cities of Koshigaya in Saitama prefecture, and Noda in Chiba prefecture, both bedroom communities just minutes away from Tokyo. 64 injuries were reported and over 1000 structures have been damaged with as many as 20 completely destroyed. CRASH is responding with local churches.


Great East Japan Disaster Emergency Relief


In 2005, God placed a burden on my heart to prepare the church in Japan to serve their communities in times of disaster.  At that time, I did not know what to do, only that something needed to be done so that the church could fulfill its God-given role of being a source of compassion and hope in difficult times.  Looking back, it now seems obvious that God was indeed preparing us for the work of the last two years bringing help and hope to Tohoku. 

We learned about emotional and spiritual care, child trauma work, and volunteer management through responding alongside other organizations to disasters both here in Japan and abroad and built up trusted networks of Christians with a passion to bring God's love to their cities.  All of this was put to use, stretched and further developed as the church in Japan responded to the tsunami of 2011.  Christians in Tohoku have become partners with their communities, sharing their pain and difficulties and earning the right to share the hope they have within them.  Volunteers from all over Japan have seen this with their own eyes and are taking a vision home with them to reach their own communities the same way.  We want to celebrate everything that the Lord has done, but the of equipping the church to bring help and hope to the world is only beginning.  Thank you for praying, giving and volunteering with CRASH Japan.

In 2013 CRASH Japan will continue to work helping local churches by mobilizing the body of Christ to bring help and hope to those in need.  We are going to do that in three ways. 

Recovery Response in Tohoku

OperationSAFE Child Trauma Camps

Preparing for the Next Disaster

CRASH Japan Executive Director

Jonathan Wilson




Tohoku Recovery

Over the last two years CRASH Japan has mobilized volunteers to work over a combined total of 40,000 days bringing millions of dollars worth of aid and support to dozens of communities in Tohoku.  From the early days of damage assessment and setting up volunteer bases, to the massive distribution of aid and supplies CRASH volunteers worked together with local churches to bring help and hope to stricken communities.

CRASH has handed over its volunteer bases to local church networks in Iwate and Fukushima and members of our field staff have continued to work as part of these local efforts.  Volunteers from both within Japan and abroad continue to come and work directly with the local networks to sustain the work indefinately.  Programs begun with support from CRASH are continuing in sustainable ways helping to provide tsunami survivors with dignity.

CRASH is supporting ongoing work in Tohoku through partnerships with local church networks, local programs and our CRASH field office in Sendai, Miyagi. 




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