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Volunteer team to Joso city on November 24.


CRASH Japan volunteer team to Joso city on November 24.
They opened mobile cafe and invited survivors from a local village (Misaka-Shinden) in Joso city. They provided emotional and spiritual care to the survivors through active listening and special sweet (Oshiruko).

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Upcoming Chaplains’ Cafe


This is a flyer for the upcoming Chaplains’ Cafe on November 6th. The facilitator for this meeting will be Rev. John Houlette who will lead us in a discussion about “Resilience based on Relationship”
Chaplains’ Cafe is designed as a safe learning space for anyone who is interested in providing emotional and spiritual care.
CRASH Japan has supported Chaplains’ Cafe since its beginning. We understand this ministry is key for Disaster Relief work.

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一日温泉でゆっくりして、皆さん、仮設住宅にに帰っていかれました。お交わりの中で、震災時のお話を聴かせて頂きました。まだまだ、支援が必要です。 ... See MoreSee Less

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つかさの湯に到着しました。 ... See MoreSee Less

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大型バスで、住民の方々と温泉に向かいます。バスの中では、YMCAのボランティアの方がゲームをして下さっています。 ... See MoreSee Less

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