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Items needed for typhoon survivors in Iwaizumi

From Kita Sanriku Kirisuto Kyoukai (church in Iwaizumi, Iwate)
For Typhoon #10 Lionrock Relief Work.

We’re collecting the items listed below (new or used goods in good condition) to distribute to typhoon surviviors in Iwaizumi.

1. Rice cookers
2. Curtains (long)
3. Stoves (gas)
4. Heaters (kerosene)
5. Blankets
6. Futons
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Typhoon #10 Lionrock Relief Work

Volunteer request from Pastor Dawn Birkner.

With 2 holidays this week, it is a good time to put out another request for volunteers. Any time is fine, as long as they contact ahead. Including even Saturday, if you contact today. Sunday isn’t good for higaeri teams but other days are. Multi day teams that include Sunday are OK. For this weekend, please call pastor Birkner’ keitai and send a followup email. For later, just email. Please tell her your keitai and email address in the email.

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一日温泉でゆっくりして、皆さん、仮設住宅にに帰っていかれました。お交わりの中で、震災時のお話を聴かせて頂きました。まだまだ、支援が必要です。 ... See MoreSee Less

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つかさの湯に到着しました。 ... See MoreSee Less

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大型バスで、住民の方々と温泉に向かいます。バスの中では、YMCAのボランティアの方がゲームをして下さっています。 ... See MoreSee Less

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