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Mitsukaido Shalom Church

Mitsukaido Shalom Church

  On Sep. 13th(Sun), I visited Mitsukaido Shalom Church in Joso city.
All rooms on the first floor were flooded. Pastor Yoshizawa told us that the flooding was about 45 centimeters height. I could smell something rotten. This was because of mud from the river. There was no worship service at this church this morning. The congregation gathered at different churches. Toilets are broken and no water or electricity. Volunteers are wanted. Their activities are to bring all of the belongings outside, load these on trucks, and abandon. Then clean.
From Sep. 14th (Mon) group churches are asked to send volunteers for this activity. We hear it will take a week or so to use water and electricity at this church.  Please pray for volunteers to join this cleaning activity. Please also pray for Pastor Yoshizawa and his congregation to stand firm in Christ.
CRASH Japan will:
  • start funding to help this church
  • start preparing for our next step (to send volunteers if requested)
There are some missionaries and pastors thinking of doing some cleaning houses in this prefecture. We will connect them, too.
Toshio Nagai





Urgent Request from CRASH Japan

Thank you for all your prayers and concerns for Japan.

Recent Typhoon number 18, aptly named Etau, dumped record setting rainfall on an already soggy Japan. Currently there are 3 dead, 23 missing, and thousands of people evacuated from their homes. There is not yet a count for number of homes destroyed or damaged.

In times of disaster, when human life and way of life are threatened, people’s coping mechanisms can be overwhelmed. A trained caregiver on the scene early in the trauma can help mitigate the long term effects by being present and available.
CRASH Japan seeks to serve the Japanese community by offering Christian Relief, Assistance, Support and Hope in times of Disaster. Our basic approach is to support the local church, sending assessment teams, mobilizing volunteers, and providing training in emotional and spiritual care, as well as sending trained caregivers.

If you can partner with us financially at this time, please send your donations to us:

Click here for all financial support methods

Thank you.

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13th(Fri) Our team visited a house to get rid of dirts in their yard.


九キ災嬉野センター(嬉野キリスト教会)での ミーティングの後、金立町に出発。地域に近づくと、遠くから山の中腹に金刀比羅神宮が見えてくる。川の写真にあるように、上流の河川が決壊し、土砂が直ぐ下の道の両側の複数の家屋と庭に流れ込んでいた。

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Report on 12th Sep. about Disastef Relief activity in Saga Prefecture.Prayers and volunteers are appreciated.
Volunteer application page information is at the bottom.

If you have any information or having affected by Typhoon this past week in Kanto area, please let us know.

Thank you for your prayer and support.





You can apply for the volunteer work from the link above.



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