Mashiki-town, Kumamoto

  • 益城町にある「熊本東聖書キリスト教会」

April 17 Kumamoto/Oita Update

As of Sunday morning, the death count has risen to 41, over 2000 have been treated for injuries, and 180,000 people are evacuees.

CRASH Japan’s Assessment Team is working behind the scenes to evaluate the situation on the ground, including a trip from Tokyo by two CRASH leaders Tuesday-Wednesday and gathering information from churches and ministries already in Kyushu. We are developing a plan for how the worldwide church can respond to the disaster with Christian Relief Assistance Support and Hope! Please pray for our leaders and our assessment team as they make decisions and establish pathways for your care to reach the people of Kumamoto. To help, choose one or more of the blue buttons to the right!

Large Earthquake in Kumamoto

東京新聞に熊本地震の記事As is reported in the media, on April 14 a magnitude 6.5 earthquake hit Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu. 9 people were killed, hundreds were injured (50 severely), and 40,000 people are currently displaced.

The following quote is from the Facebook page of the Machida Church Disaster Preparedness Network:

“The combined church sanctuary and parsonage of East Kumamoto Bible Christian Church was completely destroyed. The pastor’s daughter was trapped for a time, but was rescued safely and is being treated at a hospital. The pastor and his family plans to stay at the affiliated North Kumamoto Bible Christian Church. Kamoto Christian Church did not suffer severe damage.”

Please remember the victims in your prayers.

Prayer Requests

  • That Jesus would have mercy on all those who have suffered loss or grief.
  • That necessary help would speedily reach the victims who need it.

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Note: We will do our best to contact churches in the affected area, assess the needs, and send volunteers. But please understand that the schedule and activity details may not match everyone’s expectations.

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