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Trip to Hita Base (Northern Kyushu)

CRASH Japan sent 2 volunteers to Kyushu DRC Hita base. Today they went to Asakura city, one of the most devastated areas in Fukuoka, due to the heavy rain 3 weeks ago. They helped clean up a house of a gentleman & his daughter. Their house had been totally covered in mud. One CRASH volunteer served as a chaplain. She visited a shelter nearby and listened to several survivors’ stories listening to their traumatic stories. An old lady told of when the flood came in her home she was so afraid and just trembling in a blanket. CRASH Japan continues to send psychological and spiritual caregivers to the survivors. Please help CRASH Japan with your prayers and financial support.

One Year Anniversary of the Kumamoto Earthquake

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Kumamoto Earthquake. Today at Crash Japan’s staff meeting we held a time of prayer for the affected area and the future plans.
Crash Japan will continue to send volunteers, chaplains, and the work of emotional care, various efforts of relief work continue. Please pray, and help us.

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九キ災日田ベース (シェア歓迎)


6:00 までは静かに!みんなの睡眠の邪魔をしない。
7:30 ミーティング(1階) 賛美・短い聖書の奨励・活動説明
8:00 出発(ベースの車で相乗り)
8:30 現地でオリエンテーション・作業準備・準備体操
9:00 作業開始

12:00 お昼休み(近くのコンビニで買い物、トイレ等)
13:00 作業開始

15:00 作業終了
 30 現地出発  ※途中でお風呂(温泉)の時もあり。
16:00 風呂(希望者は車で一緒に地元の露店温泉へ)
17:00 報告会@ベース
18:00 夕食@ベース(無料提供)&楽しい歓談の時
21:00 門限
22:00 消灯 ※しっかり寝て、次の日に備えます。


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(English follows)九州キリスト災害支援センター日田ベース、日曜日の活動はお休みです。今日はディレクターの竹崎牧師のいる日田福音キリスト教会の礼拝に8名で参列。神山みささんの特別賛美やお昼もご馳走になりました。午後は日田の街を観光し夕食に日田焼そば等を皆で美味しく頂きました。夜は地元の天然温泉の露天風呂でカラダをリフレッシュ。ボランティアに来たと言ったら無料にしてくれました。明日から活動再開です。Kyushu Christian Disaster Relief Center-Hida Base. Relief work is off on Sunday. Today the director Pastor Takezaki participated in the worship seen of Hida Gospel Christ Church with eight in attendance. Gospel Singer Misa Kamiyama provided special music. In the afternoon we did some sightseeing and ate yakisoba in the evening. We were also refreshed at the hot springs. All this at no cost to the volunteers. Tomorrow we go back to relief work. ... See MoreSee Less

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